Inaugural Annual Lecture




The Centre’s inauImagegural annual lecture will be given by Professor Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld this autumn. Tom is Professor Emeritus at Conrad Grebel University College in Ontario and the author of several books including Recovering Jesus: The Witness of the New Testament and Jesus and the Subversion of Violence. The lecture will take place at Bristol Baptist College, The Promenade, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3NJ on Wednesday 8 October 2014.








The Centre for Anabaptist Studies is based at Bristol Baptist College. The Centre will be the home from summer 2014 for the extensive library and archives previously housed at the London Mennonite Centre and it is anticipated that this will become the leading centre for Anabaptist research in the UK. The Centre has close links with both the Anabaptist Network and the Mennonite Trust. It will be offering a taught MA in Theology, Ministry and Mission with an Anabaptist emphasis and opportunities for doctoral research.

The Centre will also publish six webinars a year on Anabaptist themes. Webinars will begin in Autumn 2014 with a series featuring authors from the After Christendom collection.